New in October 2018:

Suzy's Secret

Rough Justice

A drama in two acts        5F, 2M

A contemporary tale of an ordinary middle-aged couple facing our society's last taboo: death. Suzy's mother has Alzheimer's, and then she acquires her own, frightening secret. Unable to 'let it all hang out', she risks losing her husband's love and support. 110 minutes

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A drama in two acts     4F, 3M

Peter and Ceri Matthews are an ordinary, happily-married middle-aged couple, whose life is thrown into turmoil when Ceri reports that her private student has raped her. When he is acquitted, Peter faces mounting pressure to save his marriage as Ceri succumbs to depression. Issues around rape are present, but do not dominate the plot, which is more about the complexity of individual relationships. The play ends with a final, terrible twist.       110 mins

Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder (play)

A drama in two acts   3F, 2M

Do any two people recall the same event in the same way? Do they even experience it in the same way as it happens? In the aftermath of a death, memories conflict and everyone tries desperately to justify their actions.

115 mins

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It's in the Fridge A one-woman play performed at the Ilkley Fringe, 2019. Watch the full play below.

Motive for Murder

Motive for Murder (play)

Two one-act plays on the theme of murder. 2F, 3M / 1F, 2M

In Murder By Proxy, Harold is bullied and oppressed by his confident colleague, Charles, who casually seduces the woman he loves. But then chance provides an opportunity for revenge ...

In Nor Hell A Fury, Claire thinks she has found love at last, but when she realises she is wrong, the frustrations and humiliations of years come boiling out.

50 + 50 minutes

Table for One

Table for One (play)

3F, 2M

A one-act play exploring what it means to be a single woman in the modern world. Miranda has largely come to terms with being alone, but no-one can deny she's a bit eccentric. Mel just goes from one man to the next, and never gets it right, while Ursula struggles to cope with unrequited love.

60 minutes

Flights of Fancy

Four short plays suitable for studio production.

These plays explore some of the quirkier aspects of human nature. They are also linked by the theme of air travel. Running time is between 20 and 25 minutes and minimal setting is required.

Dream Holiday         2F, 1M, +1 (F/M)

Impatience              2F, 2M

Silence is Golden      2F, 1M +1

Love is in the Air      2F, 2M

TABLE FOR ONE was performed as a rehearsed reading at the Ilkley Literature Fringe Festival on Oct 9 and at Bingley Little Theatre Studio Dec 10, 2017.

Watch a scene recorded at Ilkley below.

Dream Holiday

Ellie and her daughter Lisa have just returned from the perfect holiday.  But then Lisa disappears. 

A one-act play performed by Bingley Little Theatre Studio in December 2011.

Dream Holiday - listen to a short extract
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