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All sewn up

For some time now I've been doing cross-stitch squares for lovequiltsuk.com, an organisation set up by a friend of mine to make bespoke quilts for children who are terminally or long-term ill. I started off because I was interested in trying to do my own designs; I'm not that great yet, but it's really rewarding. And in between doing stuff for kids, I've started doing squares for a quilt I aim to have ready for my 60th birthday (still quite a few years ahead!) showing different aspects of my life. I've just finished a bookcase - reading terribly important, of course, but I've also put the titles of my published works so far on the bottom shelf, and left a bit of room for future volumes ...

The other pictures here show 2 quilts I contributed to - the TGV at the top of the 'buses and trains' one, and the stegosaurus on the right among the dinosaurs.