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10 things you never knew about the Planet Vhar

1 An ordinary citizen in the Vhrelul Empire is only allowed to wear grey or blue kneelength tunics, other colours and lengths being reserved for other castes. Anyone breaking this law may be publicly flogged.

2 There are 4 races, descendants of three different evolutionary strands – imagine Homo Sapiens, Neanderthals and Australopithecus all made it to the twenty first century.

3 The Vhrelt and the Ketone have three fingers and a thumb on each hand, and four toes on each foot.

4 In the Vhrelul empire, the smallest copper coin is a lin. A sulin = 5 lin, a silver halin = 5 sulin, and a gold nerolin = 25 halin.

5 The vhelvhalkhar, or High Priestess of the Great Temple in Vhreltor, outranks even the emperor.

6 The wood of the rus tree is sacred to the goddess Vhrela.

7 The sun rises in the west and sets in the east.

8 Descent among the seafaring Kolakt is by the female line.

9 The Firefish Clan ranks higher than that of the Sea Turtles in the Western Archipelago.

10 Romberries have a powerful narcotic effect.

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