A royalty must be paid for each public performance even if you are a charity and whether or not admission is charged, also if you invite anyone who is not cast, stage crew or front-of-house to a rehearsal. These have been tiered to offer maximum flexibility.

Apply for a performance licence on the form below.

'Full-length' means Eye of the Beholder, Rough Justice, both plays in Motive for Murder, and either 3 or 4 of the four plays in Flights of Fancy.

'One-act' means Table for One, one play from Motive for Murder, or any 2 plays from Flights of Fancy.

'Short' means one play from Flights of Fancy.


Licence per performance


                   amateur             educational

Full-length     £50.00              £42.00

One-act         £30.00              £25.00

Short            £20.00               £15.00

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