If you've read my books and want to know more about the worlds in them, here are a few background facts. Want to know the names and political alignments of the major worlds of the Federation? Read on. Something about the different Federation species? Check the sub-page on Alien Peoples. How the planet Vhar (Flame of Liberty) developed its caste system? Check the sub-page on that.

Time and space





Standard Galactic time:
Although each world has its own natural time, a Standard Galactic Year is also used, based on that of Goltos which was the first capital of the Federation. One SGY contains 350 days (Goltos in fact has 350.6) and is divided into 10 months of 35 days, each month being further divided into 5 weeks of 7 days. One day is 24 hours, one hour 100 minutes of 50 seconds (approximately 0.86 Old Terran seconds). One GY is therefore equal to 1.1412 Old Terran years, and:
5 GY = 5.706 OTY          30 GY = 34.24 OTY
10GY = 11.4                   40 GY = 45.65
15GY = 17.12                 50 GY = 57.06
20GY = 22.82               60 GY = 68.47
25GY = 28.53              100 GY = 114.12
The names of the ten Standard months are: Unuar, Duar, Tresem, Qaduar, Qintem, Sextem, Setem, Oktem, Novem and Dekem. The names of the seven Standard days are: Primon, Sekon, Terton, Qarton, Qinton, Hexon, Hepton.
Standard Galactic measurement:
Because the Federation comprised from the start several different species, it was considered advisable not to adopt the measures of any of the members, but to create new ones, which were derived from the circumference of Goltos as being the first world settled by a combination of species. One SG metre = 1.04 Old Terran metres (= approximately 41 inches). The average heights of some of the major species both within and outside the Federation are given here in both measures:
Dalonj              2.20 SGM     2.29 OTM (7 foot 6)
Human male     1.80 SGM     1.87 OTM (6 foot 2)
Vhrel                1.47             1.53 (5 foot)
Alpha Krish      2.02             2.10 (7 foot)
Thelassor         1.86             1.93 (6 foot 4)
Lok-Kordar      3.05             3.17 (10 foot 5)


Worlds of the Federation

Names of the principal worlds/ planetary associations, as at Galactic Year 650


   (dates shown when each world, or the first world of an association, was colonised)


Neutral Worlds


DORRAN (2107 AD)           Federation capital from GY 343, chief city Marguerite, inhabitants Doraan.                                        Sector 3


NEW AMERICA (GY 184)      capital New Washington, inhabitants New Americans. Sector 30


PILLARS OF ISLAM (GY 192)        capital Mecca, Islamis. Sector 31


RIEN (GY 197)                    capital Cataxot, Rienish. Sector 31


ROSEBERG EMPIRE (GY 206)    three worlds, capital Abramstown. Sector 41


MOLDACK CONFEDERATION (GY 246)            four worlds, chief Hastings, capital Hastings City,                                                   Moldackian. Sector 32


OROD BETA II (GY437)           Nehru, Orodian. Sector 73


ALPHA VIRGINIS (GY 485)      Coriolis, Virginian. Sector 65


MEGARA (GY520)                  Thebes, Megaran. Sector 36


SHANGRI-LA (GY609)            Emerald, Shangrilese. Sector 43


TOBRUK (GY 622)                  New Medina, Tobruki. Sector 54's capital world.


HONOLULU (GY 629)             Aloha City, Honolulan. Sector 52


PLYMOUTH (GY 647)              Faith City, Plymouth Brother / Sister. Sector 52



Temple Worlds


GOLTOS (2101 AD)                Goltos City, Goltoan. Sector 1


DAVLOS (GY 2)                   Juliana, Davlosian. Sector 10


MEHLON (GY 87)                New Paris, Mehlonese. Sector 11


RIQUEL (GY 113)                   Lihou, Riquel(le). Sector 11


FORRES (GY 168)                 Molina, Forrese. Sector 11


VERRIL (GY 325)                 Hope, Verrilese. Sector 13


TARTH (GY 353)                  Little Sioux, Tarthian. Sector 13




IAGUERE (GY 175)                Santa Cruz, Iaguan. Sector 12


SINHUA (GY 198)               Sinjing, Sinhuaren. Sector 12


ELDORO (GY 226)                Sandomingo, Eldoron. Sector 31



The New Human Empire


KONOR (GY 50)                Kosmos City, Konorian. Sector 4


KALË (GY 89)                   New Stockholm, Kalese. Sector 4 (sisterworld to Konor)


SCHWOËL (GY 138)             Hoffnungsstat, Schwellian. Sector 40


SCHLANDAS (GY 176)          Schlandas, Schlandasan. Sector 40 (sisterworld to Schwoel)


KESTON (GY 342)              Norvik, Kesnian. Sector 41


VYKON (GY 358)               Ludwigshaven, Vykone. Sector 43





KRISTIANIA (GY 159)          Neuburg, Kristian. Sector 41


PAKELT (GY 167)               Pak, Pakeltan. Sector 42


KONSTANZ (GY 244)          Mahlerstat, Konstantin. Sector 42


GEORGIA (GY 271)               Atlanta City, Georgian. Sector 32


NEUWELT (GY 507)            Neustat, Neuwelter. Sector 47


NORDLAND (GY 526)          Nordburg, Nordlander. Sector 44



Homeworlds of the Federation species:


DAL ONE, DAL TWO           (Dalonj)         Sector 2


DAL THREE, DAL FOUR                            Sector 20


KRISHTAH                         (Krish), capital Shrtenrsh   Five worlds in Sector 5


TERRA (EARTH)                  (Humans)     Sector 17


VHAR                                (Vharrakt, i.e. the Vhrelt, Ketone, Kolakt and Sgeir)


MA'K                                 (Amphagga) Sector 6



Worlds with a Federation presence but no permanent settlement:


PRARG                 Third planet of the Doraan system, used for training manoeuvres.


SHTHAGRATH         Site of archaeological remains in methane atmosphere. Sector 64


SIGMA PUPPI IV       Site of extensive archaeological remains. Sector 58


CASSANDRA II        Site of remains of silicon-based lifeform.


KARNAK               Site of archaeological remains. Sector 47