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In Galactic Year 563 Jay Trewellyn meets Tania Chastel. Seven centuries in the future it's still a challenge for a woman to manage a career and a relationship: indeed, how much harder when your work takes you to other planets for months at a time? Things become even more difficult when Tania is accused of treason, and Jay has to try to rescue her from the death penalty.

The Galactic  Federation comprises six species, including Humans, and has always managed to find unity in diversity until it encounters the feline Yol. In the ensuing bitter war, principles are eroded and enemies are seen everywhere. Will Tania be sacrificed in the name of patriotism?


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The world Vhar is dominated by the decadent Vhrelul Empire, with its powerful priestesses and rigid caste system. But change is coming: the revolutionaries' cause is fuelled by the tragic deaths of two very different young women, and above all by the forbidden love between an aristocrat and a common soldier.

Although the people of Vhar will become one of the major species of a Galactic Federation, along with Humans, Dalonj and Krish, this novel takes us back several centuries into their history; it is less SF than a human drama set on an imagined world which forms part of the larger Poynter universe. This novel tells the stories of five women, whose interlinked  lives lie at the heart of dramatic events and shape the whole future of their planet.


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Fifteen stories set in the Poynter universe, ranging from Into the Wind, set on the planet Vhar in the aftermath of the revolution described in Flame of Liberty (see above) through further tales of Jay Trewellyn (A Tale of Two Women) to stories about the other peoples of the Federation and the Yolyt War. Adventure, romance, mythology, it's all here.

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For an officer of the galactic Federal Police Bureau, the line between upholding the law and breaking it can sometimes be very hard to see. These five stories explore the lives and adventures of Lt. Misha Borodin, Detective Isis Jang, his Altered Human partner Detective Seth Dorano and her alien partner Gorgo Zhevget. Whether tracing a new recreational drug to its source, infiltrating a sex slave ring or trying to retrieve a deadly biological weapon from the alien Dlayek, Borodin and his team will always find a way; but the price is sometimes high.


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The Line (title story)                         Water of Life (last story)


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