The main peoples inside and outside the Federation

The Federation species in Galactic Year 575 comprised the Dalonj, the Krish, Humans, the Vharrakt (see the History of the Planet Vhar), the Annlsl and the Amphagga. Outside the Federation were the Thelassin, the Lok-Kordar and finally the Yol. Some of these are described below.


The Dalonj

This people (female Dalonje, male Dalonji; the 'j' is pronounced as consonantal 'y' like the beginning of the word 'you') are humanoid, hairless, yellow-skinned, larger and more muscular than the average Human as their homeworld has a higher gravitational pull. Placid and slow-moving, they oppose violence but will fight if necessary. They became space-faring later than the Krish but before Humans or Vharrakt, being in fact responsible for Vharrakil development and having contacted Humans in the early 22nd century. These three species together with the Krish then established the Federation.

The Dalonj have 3 names: a personal name, a family name, and a generation designation between the two.

The Krish

Although roughly humanoid and walking upright, this species is of reptilian ancestry. Slate-blue in colour, with a scaled skin and slightly webbed feet. They come in three sexes, known as alpha, beta and gamma. Alpha Krish have a pinkish underside, visible only on the tail when clothed; beta a yellowish underside and smaller stature; gamma a lighter blue underside and thinner tail.

They are a very old civilisation, philosophical and fatalistic, and have a highly technological society which leaves them free to study and reflect.

The Krish have 4 names: personal, family, professional designation and clan. There are 7 professional designations: fourosh (philosopher/ psychologist; sshilsahr (historian/ archaeologist; kresh (teacher); sonsz (scientist); smrahnsz (artist); klklicszs (farmer/ technician); traistzs (spacer, including starship engineers).

The Thelassin

The Thelassin (singular Thelassor) originated in another galaxy and first colonised ours in the sixth century CE. One of their ships crash-landed on Earth in 1342, and after some genetic manipulation merged with the local population to produce the Temple family, who mostly possess a degree of the telepathy which the Thelassin all have.

More slightly built than most Humans, they have a matt black skin, black hair and large faceted eyes of various bright colours such as emerald green or topaz. In recent centuries they have withdrawn to their own worlds and are rarely met. Those in this galaxy, fleeing a terrible war in their own, coded a genetic inhibition against physical violence into their DNA, which makes it difficult for them to interact with Humans and Vharrakt.

The Yol

Although roughly humanoid and walking upright, this species evolved from a feline-type. They are furred, in various shades of maroon, red and pink, and possess prehensile tails.

Their technology is on a similar level to that of the Federation, but they developed very rapidly and their society still contains some primitive elements, such as a clan structure and ritual duels. They are aggressive and territorial, also very hierarchical and completely male-dominated. The Federation fought a long and bitter war with them in the late 6th century (Galactic Time).